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Coaching is a personalised, pragmatic and skills based approach to make changes and facilitate learning in your chosen area of life.

Executive coaching focuses on improving your wellbeing and sense of achievement in your work and/or organisation.

You may for example want to:

  • learn how to manage stress
  • learn how to deal with difficult people and interpersonal conflict
  • make an effective presentation
  • increase confidence
  • build a more cohesive and effective team
  • improve work/personal life balance
  • establish a new sense of purpose and value

LIfe coaching more generally helps you to align your actions with what is important to you and we look at a number life areas of your choice such as work, relationships with family and friends, pesonal relationship and romance, spirituality, resources, values and ambitions.

We can for example support you to:

  • change limiting beliefs
  • develop a more flexible interpersonal style
  • feel more in charge of your state of mind
  • enhance self esteem
  • develop your talents and skills
  • set and achieve personal goals
  • address relationship issues and concerns

Coaching aims to develop a mindset of curiosity and build your creativity, resilience, versatility and resourcefulness. We apply many insights and ideas from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Psychology/Psychotherapy. 


Coaching sessions typically last between a hour and three hours, and can be a single meeting or an agreed number of appointments.

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