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Training is usually offered in small groups to optimise learning. Focus and delivery of training is tailor-made, balancing need, desired outcomes, number of participants and practical arrangements. Training can be provided at a venue of your choice, your own setting or at our base in Norwich.

Every training offers a distinct psychological perspective and is based on insights and research from the major psychotherapies, developmental, social and clinical psychology and neuroscience.

Our training programme includes:

  • Internationally accredited (INLPTA) Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner (16 days) and Master Practitioner (16 days) Training

  • Essential Coaching Skills (2 days)

  • Working with Trauma and Dissociation (1 day)

  • Applied Psychology in Education

Neurolinguistic Programming is an elegant, person-centered and respectful approach that helps you to:

  • enjoy and focus on the here and now 
  • develop your senses
  • enhance your language skills
  • recognise and develop your learning style
  • live in accordance with your values and ambitions
  • communicate more effectively with people around you
  • enhance rapport with people close and not so close to you
  • manage your states of mind more constructively
  • reduce the intensity of worrying and intrusive thoughts and images
  • consider alternative viewpoints
  • learn to access your resources
  • become more flexible in the way you think, feel and act
  • learn to trust your intuition
  • apply psychological insights into everyday life 

Our NLP Practitioner Training

  • comprises 16 days of face to face teaching days in small groups
  • consists of 4 modules of 4 days 
  • includes topics like Theory of NLP, Context of NLP, Rapport, Sensory Acuity, Learning Styles, Submodalities, Language Skills, Compassionate Communication, Working with Time, Limiting and Enabling Beliefs, Modelling, Meta-programmes, Change Models
  • incorporates the latest research in psychology and neuroscience
  • relates ideas and techniques to you personally and professionally
  • is internationally accredited by INLPTA
  • has high professional and ethical standards 
  • fully prepares you to practice as a practitioner in the context of your organisation or independently  
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